Tara Clifton

What degree(s) do you hold? From what school(s)? What was your area of concentration?

Texas A&M Class of ’11 (whoop!) : BBA – Accounting MS – Management Information Systems

What is your previous work experience? 

I worked in Public Accounting for 2 years, found it miserable, and sought out an alternative certification program for teaching. I taught public school for 3 years before I stayed home with our firstborn son. My teaching assignments were 7th & 8th grade math, Algebra to advanced middle schoolers (Austin ISD), then 6th grade math (Waco ISD), then 9th grade Algebra and Math Models to 11th graders (Lorena ISD). My favorite things to do with my math classes were scavenger hunts, teaching class outside, and any ‘self discovery’ lesson; example: using block patterns to find algebraic expressions.

Please tell us about your family:

My wonderful husband is named Tyler, we’ve been married just over 9 years, and we have two crazy boys. 

What do you enjoy about Classical education? 

I love that classical education uses the natural development of a person’s mind and body and focuses it into appropriate tasks. Most specifically I am excited for our children to have training in analysis and critical thinking in the logic stage because that is such an important skill that is sadly left out of so many educational experiences. I’m excited to teach in a classical Christian school for the sake of community around our family as we seek to love the Lord wholly and raise our kids to know Him.

What are you looking forward to this year? 

I love being in the classroom and being another adult figure to help shepherd kids, especially in some of their ‘awkward’ stages and I am excited to be able to do with my Christian faith on display (versus my public school constraints). I love that seventh graders have clear interests but are also open to ‘role models’ as they are shifting importance to peers and ‘fitting in’. I like to speak into what is truly important as seventh graders often get distracted by the ways of the world. I hope my students learn about math being an expression of our wonderful Creator, and that they learn how to persevere through doing hard learning experiences.

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