The Beginning of the Story…

Austin Classical really began at a birthday party in early 2012. Over cupcakes, long-time friends Anna Marshall and Dusty Kinslow were discussing the different educational options available to their young children. Both were educators, both had always assumed that they would educate their children the traditional way, and both were surprised by a new determination they and their husbands felt to seek other methods of education.

Dusty jokingly said, “Well, maybe we should just start our own school.” Little did she know that Anna would come back to this conversation in the weeks ahead as she began making connections with other like-minded families.

Anna introduced Dusty to Cici Scott. Harry and Cici Scott had been considering a classical education for their children, but were not interested in either a full-time private school or homeschool. Dusty had been researching this hybrid model of education and became enamored with the revolutionary blend of professional teaching and homeschool for her own children. The classical method paired with the blended schedule seemed to be the best of both worlds.

Anna, Cici, and Dusty began meeting regularly to pray and to research. The three also attended the Association of Christian and Classical Schools conference where the decision to move forward with the school was solidified.

From there, the Kinslows, Marshalls, and Scotts hosted several meetings to invite other families onto the launch team. Glenn and Stephanie Lucke joined the Austin Classical team in the fall of 2012.

The ACS team began meeting weekly to pray, to plan, and to do the work necessary to open a school. God also provided key insight into the start-up process by connecting the team with Providence Preparatory School in Belton, Texas. The gracious people of Providence mentored our fledgling ACS launch team through each step of the process, providing invaluable and candid guidance when we needed it most.  The Society of Classical Learning and the National Association of University-Model Schools were also valuable resources to us.

In early 2013, God answered our prayers with a wonderful location for our school in central Austin. He also blessed us with amazing teachers, students and their families for our inaugural school year. God’s faithful care for us and abundant provision have been evident every step of the way, and our joy and gratitude was palpable as we officially launched Austin Classical School on August 12, 2013, with 10 “First Families” and 13 students in grades K, 1st, 2nd, and 4th.

As we start our sixth year of school, we thank the Lord for His steadfast love, faithfulness, and care for us. He has done far more than we could ask or think. To Him be the glory! We have grown to 70+ ACS families and more than 120 students in Pre-K through 7th grades and look forward to adding a grade per year in the coming years.