Academic Model

Austin Classical School is a classical, Christian, University-Model school in central Austin. Please visit one of the following links to find out more about our academic model.

Statement of Faith outlines our beliefs and is ascribed to by the board, faculty, and staff members of Austin Classical School. While we do not require all Austin Classical families to hold to this statement of faith themselves, we do require that families acknowledge that all of our instruction will be consistent with and rooted in these beliefs.

Classical Education Basics gives a overview of the goals and methods of classical education, along with a brief description of the Trivium. In addition, we give recommendations on books and articles to learn more about classical education.

The Blended Model describes the schedule on which Austin Classical School operates and the benefits we believe it offers. We consider this model the best of both worlds. The professional educator in the classroom and the co-teacher parent at home are both essential to the success of a student in this model, and we believe it is a beautiful example of teamwork and efficiency. The professional educator selects the curriculum and provides weekly lesson plans to the co-teacher parent. Students attend class on campus 2-3 days per week (depending on grade), and the remaining weekdays are considered home days, where students complete assignments under the guidance of their co-teacher parent.

Position Papers is a repository for written explanations on matters of doctrine or practice as it relates to our school.