Founding Families

ACS Founding Families

Austin Classical School Founding Families

  • Adam and Dusty Kinslow
  • Glenn and Stephanie Lucke
  • Jeff and Anna Marshall
  • Harry and Cici Scott

We’d like to share some information about each of us as a means of showing the diversity of gifts and talents that God brought together to form Austin Classical School. This is not meant to draw attention to ourselves but to reveal God’s beauty and goodness in this endeavor.

Dusty Kinslow is our Head of School. She is a gifted leader who cares deeply about education, and she is also a co-teacher mom in this model, educating two of her own children. She is incredibly efficient; she’s joyful even in the hard things; and most importantly, she loves Jesus and walks faithfully as His disciple. Dusty started out teaching high school English within the public school system and went on to get her Masters in Educational Leadership. She’s married to Adam Kinslow, who is a lieutenant in the Department of Public Safety, working in the Office of Inspector General.

Anna Marshall spent nine years as a high school math teacher and has been a valuable resource and sounding board for Dusty in leading the faculty and in the daily responsibilities of running the school. She serves as Vice President of the ACS Board.

Obviously you need educators within a school, but business experience is also valuable in operating a school wisely. That’s where Harry and Cici Scott , Stephanie Lucke, and Jeff Marshall have been crucial to the team.

Cici Scott serves as the President of the ACS Board and was a natural choice for this role. She spent years working in business consulting for Accenture, leading projects and working with businesses to improve systems and processes.

Harry Scott is in commercial real estate at The Retail Connection and has been a valuable asset on our property search and as we meander through leases and city code.

Jeff Marshall is an Engineering Manager at Atlassian, and he provides expertise and guidance in all technology-related decisions for ACS.

Stephanie Lucke is a CPA and spent years working as the CFO of a hedge fund before she had children. She serves as Treasurer on the ACS Board and manages our finances so that we wisely steward the resources God has entrusted to us.

Stephanie is married to Glenn Lucke, and Glenn adds a different set of talents to the team. Glenn is an academic by heart. He earned a Masters of Divinity from Reformed Theological Seminary and a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Virginia, so he loves to ponder the deeper things of life and education.

Austin Classical School Board

  • Cici Scott – President, Secretary
  • Anna Marshall – Vice President
  • Stephanie Lucke – Treasurer
  • Dusty Kinslow – ex officio Board member (non-voting)